The thing in the darkness


Dear Diary,

We’ve found the ruins that Herr Schweiz was searching for, buried under in a mound of earth. The interior seems to be some sort of ship made of strange stone, but even more oddly the whole place was void of air. Upon investigation we found the reason for the lack of air in a large plunged in supernatural darkness, and guarded by something in that darkness. Whatever the guardian is, it struck hard enough to send Banshee back to the beyond with a single strike.

Herr Schweiz wants us to destroy this guardian in the darkness. It seems to me that this is more than the job we signed up for, which was to ensure the success of this expedition. We’ve already found enough valuable treasures to fill our wagons, and make each of us rich, assuming we can make it back to civilization. Fighting this thing in the darkness puts the whole expedition in jeopardy. Sometimes it’s best not to look too far into the darkness… I should know.

Unfortunately, my caution doesn’t seem to be shared by the other guards, particularly not, the Tiefling Kezrim who seems to be longing for battle so badly that he will risk his own death for the sake of glory. His demise would be a major setback to my chances of surviving this expedition, as he seems to be the most skilled swordsman of our group. I’ll have to find a way to help keep Kezrim alive long enough to kill this guardian thing and get me back to civilization.



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