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Character Creation:

Roll 4D6, keep the best 3. Then use 12 points to round out your sheet.
Starting gold 3K.
Start at level 3.


Through destiny, happenstance or fate, you made your way to the city of Kaer Maga, in Varisia. A place where anyone, and anything, goes; renowned for its trade in grey- and black-market exotics. It was here that you found employ as a guard on an archeological dig lead by a Herr Schweiz. The story begins some 3 days’ journey out of the city, when you first leave the cracked-dirt road and turn north onto the endless rolling hills of the Storval Plateaua dangerous region beset by barbarians, Orcish tribes and hill giants. Not to mention the Great Blue Wyrm excavating some other ruins nearby…

Main Page

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