The Cinderland Fens


Dear Diary,

I’ve signed on as guard for an archaeologist by the name of Herr Schweiz. I’m not yet sure what I think of our client. Initially, I assumed he was a pathfinder of some sort, in need of guards for and henchmen for an dig. It soon became clear that Herr Schweiz would be leaving the fighting up to us entirely, when early in our journey, we were attacked by some scorpion like creatures. Fortunately, the motley group of guards were able to deal with the threat, though not without losing one of the ponies.

The voices from beyond tell me that it wouldn’t take much to persuade the rogues and tieflings that make up the rest of the guards to participate in a mutiny. Herr Schweiz doesn’t look like he’d put up much resistance, if the battle with the swamp scorpids is any indicator.

The truth is that if we killed Herr Schweiz I would be hopelessly lost in a some very hostile land. Herr Schweiz may not be a fighter, but he seems to have a skill for traveling unnoticed. That’s an important skill out here, where we’ve already seen giants, drakes, and been close enough to a band of Gnolls to hear their dogs yipping. Through all that, Herr Schweiz has somehow managed to get us to a ford crossing having lost only one pony. It seems my life is wrapped up with our expedition leader; at least until we return to civilization.

Herr Schweiz is hoping that the ruins he is taking us to are elven. I can’t help but hope for a massive Thassilonian ruin or abandoned dwarven halls. Anything with shade; the daylight becoming more and more unbearable.




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