Back to Kaer Maga

Dear Diary,

We’ve made it back to Kaer Maga. It’s been about a month since we left… By my now any pursuers I might have had should have given up. Just to be safe, I plan to pass myself of as a mercenary for a bit longer.

Our expedition was a success. Not only was able to successfully disappear into the wilderness for over a month, I managed to find an exquisite chain shirt made of an exotic metal that is as light as mithral but with a golden hue. I also found a green cloak with some minor magical properties. They are both a bit masculine, but elven masculine, not orc masculine. Also the cloak which was tailored for someone shorter in stature than myself, making it really more of a shawl than a cloak. In any event, the shawl cuts a nice line that I think is quite flattering for my legs. That has meant that I’ve had to leave all the bosom flattering emerald necklaces in my backpack. Bosom or legs, but not both. Finally there was a spiked helmet that matches the chain shirt and completes the mercenary look that I’ve pulled off quite well.

I almost forgot about the ancient elven jewelry that I removed from the mummified elves in their egg shells when I was subject to the suggestion spell. I wonder if the mercenaries have forgotten about the necklaces. No one has said anything… maybe they are just waiting for Herr Schweiz to go his own way before trying to blackmail me. On the other hand if I say anything while Herr Schweiz is around, I might just lose the respect of some of these mercenaries. Perhaps I’ll check out some of Herr Schweiz’s drawings for a clue as to whether they are aware of the taken jewelry.




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