Back to Kaer Maga

Dear Diary,

We’ve made it back to Kaer Maga. It’s been about a month since we left… By my now any pursuers I might have had should have given up. Just to be safe, I plan to pass myself of as a mercenary for a bit longer.

Our expedition was a success. Not only was able to successfully disappear into the wilderness for over a month, I managed to find an exquisite chain shirt made of an exotic metal that is as light as mithral but with a golden hue. I also found a green cloak with some minor magical properties. They are both a bit masculine, but elven masculine, not orc masculine. Also the cloak which was tailored for someone shorter in stature than myself, making it really more of a shawl than a cloak. In any event, the shawl cuts a nice line that I think is quite flattering for my legs. That has meant that I’ve had to leave all the bosom flattering emerald necklaces in my backpack. Bosom or legs, but not both. Finally there was a spiked helmet that matches the chain shirt and completes the mercenary look that I’ve pulled off quite well.

I almost forgot about the ancient elven jewelry that I removed from the mummified elves in their egg shells when I was subject to the suggestion spell. I wonder if the mercenaries have forgotten about the necklaces. No one has said anything… maybe they are just waiting for Herr Schweiz to go his own way before trying to blackmail me. On the other hand if I say anything while Herr Schweiz is around, I might just lose the respect of some of these mercenaries. Perhaps I’ll check out some of Herr Schweiz’s drawings for a clue as to whether they are aware of the taken jewelry.


The Shadowgate

Dear diary,

I saved Kezrim from certain death by recalling that earlier, when Mort had earlier been paralyzed by temporal stasis from a mithral chain door curtain, the thrumming in this buried ship had stopped. Turns out that by putting one of our slaves in stasis, the supernatural darkness could be suspended. This confirmed my suspicion that the thing in the darkness was a construct of some sort. I had previously excluded excluded undead. What else could survive in a room without air for so long? I suppose Herr Schweiz deserve some credit for asking, “What were you doing when the thrumming in the ship stopped?”

The thing in the darkness


Dear Diary,

We’ve found the ruins that Herr Schweiz was searching for, buried under in a mound of earth. The interior seems to be some sort of ship made of strange stone, but even more oddly the whole place was void of air. Upon investigation we found the reason for the lack of air in a large plunged in supernatural darkness, and guarded by something in that darkness. Whatever the guardian is, it struck hard enough to send Banshee back to the beyond with a single strike.

Herr Schweiz wants us to destroy this guardian in the darkness. It seems to me that this is more than the job we signed up for, which was to ensure the success of this expedition. We’ve already found enough valuable treasures to fill our wagons, and make each of us rich, assuming we can make it back to civilization. Fighting this thing in the darkness puts the whole expedition in jeopardy. Sometimes it’s best not to look too far into the darkness… I should know.

Unfortunately, my caution doesn’t seem to be shared by the other guards, particularly not, the Tiefling Kezrim who seems to be longing for battle so badly that he will risk his own death for the sake of glory. His demise would be a major setback to my chances of surviving this expedition, as he seems to be the most skilled swordsman of our group. I’ll have to find a way to help keep Kezrim alive long enough to kill this guardian thing and get me back to civilization.

The Cinderland Fens


Dear Diary,

I’ve signed on as guard for an archaeologist by the name of Herr Schweiz. I’m not yet sure what I think of our client. Initially, I assumed he was a pathfinder of some sort, in need of guards for and henchmen for an dig. It soon became clear that Herr Schweiz would be leaving the fighting up to us entirely, when early in our journey, we were attacked by some scorpion like creatures. Fortunately, the motley group of guards were able to deal with the threat, though not without losing one of the ponies.

The voices from beyond tell me that it wouldn’t take much to persuade the rogues and tieflings that make up the rest of the guards to participate in a mutiny. Herr Schweiz doesn’t look like he’d put up much resistance, if the battle with the swamp scorpids is any indicator.

The truth is that if we killed Herr Schweiz I would be hopelessly lost in a some very hostile land. Herr Schweiz may not be a fighter, but he seems to have a skill for traveling unnoticed. That’s an important skill out here, where we’ve already seen giants, drakes, and been close enough to a band of Gnolls to hear their dogs yipping. Through all that, Herr Schweiz has somehow managed to get us to a ford crossing having lost only one pony. It seems my life is wrapped up with our expedition leader; at least until we return to civilization.

Herr Schweiz is hoping that the ruins he is taking us to are elven. I can’t help but hope for a massive Thassilonian ruin or abandoned dwarven halls. Anything with shade; the daylight becoming more and more unbearable.


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